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“Early Detection to Beat Cancer”


On its Engineering News web page, Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering posted two videos and a news story that reported, “Vadim Backman’s new screening technologies hold promise for dramatic changes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.” (Sept. 29, 2016)   Cick to view.

PWS Nanocytology Platform Featured on National Podcast


In the first episode of its “Amazing Things” podcast series, the national United for Medical Research coalition featured Northwestern Professor and Preora Chairman Vadim Backman, who explains why PWS Nanocytology is a breakthrough method for detecting cancer earlier than ever. (Sept. 13, 2016)  Click to view

Preora Diagnostics to Commercialize Cancer Pre-screening Tests


NanoCytomics LLC today announced the formation of Preora Diagnostics Inc., a privately held medical technology company that will bring low-cost cancer pre-screening tests to primary care physicians in the U.S. and other select markets. Click here to learn more.  Preora Launch Release . Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut maximus imperdiet leo, non mattis neque laoreet [Continue Reading]

NanoCytomics Earns Spot in Chicago’s MATTER Community


MATTER, Chicago’s new entrepreneurship and innovation hub for next-generation health IT, medical device, diagnostics and biopharma companies, has named NanoCytomics as an early member of its expanding community.   Click here to read MATTER’s news release.

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